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Artworks can be ordered through my email Artworks are handcrafted upon order. Prints are developed with traditional chemicals, placed on a rigid foam sheet for perfect flatness and mounted with a pure white mat board. Artworks are checked, numbered and signed. See the box below for prices and indicative shipping cost. Payment upon ordering preferably with PayPal to the account

Photo size (cm) Size with passe-partout (cm) Price 
 24×36  36×48   €  270
 30×45  40×55  €  330
 50×75  60×85  €  400

Indicative shipping costs24×36 and 30×45: EU/GB 55€ – US, CA, RU, Middle East 100€ – Far East, AU 150€. 50×75: EU/GB 70€ – US, CA, RU, Middle East  150€ – Far East, AU 220€

PHOTO  GALLERY  (click on picture to enlarge)

L’attesa – San Polo, Venezia
A manina – Cannaregio, Venezia
C’era una porta – Cannaregio, Venezia
Spriz agli Ormesini – Cannaregio, Venezia
Ottobre alle Capuzzine – Cannaregio, Venezia
Autunno a Ca’ Savorgnan – Cannaregio, Venezia
Settembre sull’Isola – San Marco, Venezia
Attesa infinita ai Tolentini – Santa Croce, Venezia
Davanti alla serranda di Fabris – San Marco, Venezia
La finestra sul ponte – Cannaregio, Venezia
La finestra fiorita – Cannaregio, Venezia
Il Labirinto – Cannaregio, Venezia
La luce della Vigna – Castello, Venezia
Il monopattino – Cannaregio, Venezia
L’uomo col cappello nero – Cannaregio, Venezia
Misericordia bagnata – Cannaregio, Venezia
Corre il Tempo sul Rio – Dorsoduro, Venezia
Tracce – Santa Croce, Venezia
Dietro ai Miracoli – Cannaregio, Venezia
Prua sul Ghetto – Cannaregio, Venezia
Pioggia e Sospiri – San Marco, Venezia